About Congress

On March 5, 2022, the traditional Congress for people with special needs "Fərqli Fərdlər" will be held in Baku, Azerbaijan.

The speakers of the congress will be Azerbaijani and leading international experts, teachers and methodologists, doctors, psychologists and psychotherapists from Azerbaijan, Israel, Russia, USA, Turkey, Ukraine, Latvia, Greece and other countries. Traditionally, adults and children with special needs, as well as parents of special children, will take part in panel discussions. The producer of the congress "Fərqli Fərdlər" is a person with autism, the head of the Project to support people with Asperger's Syndrome and Autism - Antonina Steinberg.

As part of the Congress, various workshops will be held; discussions will be attended by leading experts from Azerbaijan, Russia, Israel, Switzerland, Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey and the United States and will cover the following areas: 

  • Special aspects of the lives of people with special needs 
  • Development considerations - support by families as an important driver of well-being
  • Availability and quality of healthcare tailored to specific needs
  • Education and career for people with special needs
  • Advanced technologies for people with special needs

For the first time, the congress will touch upon the topic "Infantile Cerebral Palsy (CP): debunking myths." During the event, inclusive recruitment and perspectives will also be highlighted.