2nd Congress for Kids with Special Needs
15 - 16 February 2020 Heydar Aliyev Center



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“FERQLI FERDLER” is the first congress in Azerbaijan dedicated to children with special needs.

“FERQLI FERDLER” attracts the maximum attention of society to the peculiarities of children and calls on to speak about it absolutely openly.  This congress will help to further expand the inclusiveness of society.Education of the population.



• 12 speakers from around the world

• 5 panels for discussion

• 595 visitors, including parents of children with special needs, experts (psychologists, psychotherapists, directors of schools and teachers)

• Support from 17 structures and companies

• Representatives of government agencies

• Huge interest from the Media




Bakhtiyar Aslanbeyli, Vice-president of BP, communications, external affairs, strategy & region

“It is with great pleasure that I welcome each one of you on behalf of BP. Being one of the partners of the Congress, which was held in Azerbaijan for the first time, is a really proud moment for us. The organisation of such a Congress is first and foremost important in terms of social integration and the consolidation of people and kids with special needs and their parents, because each member of society needs communication and socialisation. Creating opportunities for the integration for such people is crucial.

I congratulate the organisers on staging such an important event and express my sincerest gratitude”.


Nigar Tahirova, Marketing Department Director at the International Bank of Azerbaijan

“On the 6th of April 2019, the 1st “FERQLI FERDLER” Congress for Kids with Special Needs was held under the patronage of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, and the State Agency for Compulsory Medical Insurance and the State Committee for Family, Women and Children Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The event was sponsored by the International Bank of Azerbaijan. The congress was hosted at the Heydar Aliyev Centre at a high level, creating an atmosphere of active dialogue and the exchange of experience between parents, field specialists and educators.

Relevant messages, professional presentations, and educational information about the necessity of special care for kids with special needs spurred great interest, and the congress generally focused on the provision of public needs in this area.

The “FERQLI FERDLER” Congress was also useful and important in terms of encouraging business structures to engage in the process of developing an inclusive society in the country. We are proud to be part of such a noble initiative and express our gratitude to the Congress organisers for their partnership with us on behalf of the International Bank of Azerbaijan”.


Emil Ismayilov, Halliburton, Supply chain / procurement business controls

“For starter, I do appreciate the invaluable initiative of the Host (Caspian Event Organisers) of the Congress for Kids with Specials Needs intended for awareness of autism nationwide that was accomplished over their very first mission in lighting a ray of hope for the families with “Special Kids” (I loved and pilfered the very term of address over Lector speeches) by making them feel publicly attended, cared for, integrated with all the rest. It’s hard to imagine, whilst not having such a kid, how hard and painstaking it must be for a parent with such a kid to manage his/her day-to-day care by themselves and mostly at low incomes. We did both, hear from Lectors impart incredibly awesome stories of their kids-patients, comprised of extraordinary mindsets, able to either deal with even most complex scientific topics or fine arts, music, sports etc., also witness how wonderful they were playing the electronic piano, exposing their nice paintings, handmade teddies, clayware and else masterpieces. I must confess that, I for one, didn’t know that these kids could be talented delivering values to the intelligent modern world inasmuch as, I now bet, they could even outdo their non-affected siblings at any subject.

In brief, the Congress was a success in spreading awareness across the nation, demonstrating the value and equity of personalities, and encouraging the affected families to feel publicly protected, integrated and motivating parents to smartly manage their Special Kids on a daily basis in a way that brings joy and happiness on their kids.

Every child, no matter how different a personality he or she is, is undividable dear part of nation, our future we need to care best about today”.